We create interactive art installations.

We connect people with brands, places, and each other.

Making the impossible tangible.

Patten Studio brings together design, technology, and architecture to create interactive experiences for clients ranging from global luxury and tech brands, to office and retail spaces. Informed by our research at the MIT Media Lab and more than a decade in business, we design, develop, and bring to fruition artworks that are magnetic, mesmerizing, and unforgettable.

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Architecting Experience

We stand at the dawn of a huge shift in the field of interaction design, one where the dynamism of the digital world is embodied in the physical, where our everyday objects have even richer interactivity than today’s smartphones, … Read more

Meet James Patten, PhD

James Patten is an interaction designer, inventor, and visual artist, whose practice explores the convergence of interactive media and the built environment – pushing the edges of interactivity in the physical world. From experiential … Read more